Penguin.Tech Cuts the Fat and Delivers the Information You Need

Penguin.Tech knows how to deliver a proven, smaller payload to improve the customer experience and compress valuable timeframes so insurance companies and agents can generate online quotes faster to secure new customers more quickly. The team at Penguin.Tech understands that time is money for their clients, the insurance carriers and

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The ACORD Model Unifies Language and Improves Efficiencies

Penguin.Tech leverages the vast benefits of implementing the ACORD model to create a unified language that can transform everyday Insurtech operations from reliable and steady to reliable, quick, and efficient. The business benefits quickly become obvious as costs are reduced, productivity is enhanced, and profits are increased. Penguin.Tech uses ACORD

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Penguin.Tech Approaches ACORD as an All-Or-None

Here at Penguin.Tech, we drive home an “all-or-none approach” when implementing ACORD specifications. We know our clients benefit the most from our services when we implement ACORD specifications throughout the organization in a unified fashion. It is a value-add to insurance companies and ensures an unsurpassed stabilization to the infrastructure.

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Digital Drivers for Property and Casualty Insurers

Digital acceleration, enhancement, and distribution plans are a must technical initiative for today’s property and casualty insurers. 2019 projections are estimating that about four out of five property and casualty (P&C) insurers either have, or are planning to set up, wholly digital sales processes in which humans are involved only

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The ACORD Model Reinforces Consistency in APIs

A lot of vendors and carriers do use the ACORD data model, but loosely. ACORD specifications do allow for flexibility and customization, which can create interpretive methods and result in a half-baked implementation of an ineffective data model. Penguin.Tech strives against this practice to strictly follow the ACORD standards to

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