Penguin.Tech Cuts the Fat and Delivers the Information You Need

Penguin.Tech knows how to deliver a proven, smaller payload to improve the customer experience and compress valuable timeframes so insurance companies and agents can generate online quotes faster to secure new customers more quickly.

The team at Penguin.Tech understands that time is money for their clients, the insurance carriers and their agents, so they’ve cut the fat and streamlined the communication process between Duck Creek Technologies and the carrier’s full solution.

“We focus on the critical information, the data that is important to the vendors and agents, and implement a compressed delivery,” said Damon Overboe, Penguin.Tech, Founding Partner. “The compressed information is refined and extracted so the user just gets the information they need to move forward in the quote process or provide to other systems; it’s a smaller package without all the extra information that isn’t needed outside the Duck Creek systems.”

Penguin.Tech payloads show a reduction size of up to 1:1000 and insurance companies are taking notice in these impressive numbers.

“There is a ton of information in the Duck Creek payload that generally isn\’t needed in the context of just adding a vehicle, a driver, or a location,” said Overboe. “The current system is set up so users get the entire policy along with implementation details that just aren\’t needed outside of Duck Creek systems so we’ve developed a solution that routes information appropriately to accommodate not only the needs of the user, but also the system requirements of Duck Creek.”

Penguin.Tech’s transient practice along with all this noise reduction translates into vast savings in overhead costs and administrative practices for insurance companies, and the simplified data payloads aid in interoperability between the myriad systems and tools.

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