The ACORD Model Unifies Language and Improves Efficiencies

Penguin.Tech leverages the vast benefits of implementing the ACORD model to create a unified language that can transform everyday Insurtech operations from reliable and steady to reliable, quick, and efficient.

The business benefits quickly become obvious as costs are reduced, productivity is enhanced, and profits are increased.

Penguin.Tech uses ACORD for a full stack of software suites and applications, including Duck Creek Technologies. By using fully ACORD-compliant data sets, Penguin.Tech is able to provide transportability of data within complex infrastructures. And, with Penguin.Tech’s exclusive product, the API Kayak, data sets and Duck Creek implementations can be bridged seamlessly.

After a Penguin.Tech product release, insurance carriers and their agents quickly notice the improvement of employee productivity simply due to Penguin.Tech implementing a unification of languages methodology across complex networks by adhering to ACORD Standards. Insurance business benefits continue grow with lower overhead costs and refined communications.

In fact, unified communications using ACORD have led to additional business benefits in that it also reduces the workload of administrative employees as well as reduces the need to assign specialized employees to deal with highly specific programming needs.

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