Penguin.Tech Approaches ACORD as an All-Or-None

Here at Penguin.Tech, we drive home an “all-or-none approach” when implementing ACORD specifications.

We know our clients benefit the most from our services when we implement ACORD specifications throughout the organization in a unified fashion. It is a value-add to insurance companies and ensures an unsurpassed stabilization to the infrastructure.

ACORD can be followed to create communication specifications for your entire infrastructure. However, many carriers do not have that ability today because of the diversity of software providers and the lack of a common communication specifications so the challenges become two-fold: streamline legacy providers and implement newly upgraded standards. Companies that recognize the need for this type of improvement change will see themselves poised for efficient growth down the road.

West Bend Insurance of Wisconsin (WBMI) is one such company that understands the importance of positioning their infrastructure future advanced development. WBMI recently partnered with Penguin.Tech to leverage the ACORD standards and create a unified specification for communications throughout their infrastructure. Due to the success of the Penguin.Tech engagement, WBMI has been able to increase their volume of online quotes by nearly 60%. The metric drivers have prompted a follow-up project for a new product and now, Penguin.Tech is on pace to do it again in record time. Together, Penguin.Tech and WBMI are transforming their agent experience.

Duck Creek is the platform of choice for Policy Administrators and Rating needs. API Kayak by Penguin.Tech simplifies the infrastructure to allow you to harness all the benefits that Duck Creek has to offer.

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