Penguin.Tech Provides Value Through ACORD Standards

The insurance sector is on the cusp of a digital revolution that will redefine how it operates. By integrating Penguin.Tech’s advanced digital technologies and ACORD Standards, with leading core insurance platforms, like Duck Creek Technologies, we can help reshape the way the industry operates and find more efficient and effective

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3 Trending InsurTech Components to Watch in 2019

While 2018 witnessed the expansion and exploration of insurance technology (InsurTech) in real time, the focus in 2019 is all about engagement and relationships. The booming InsurTech industry hit a quarterly financing volume of $1.2 billion in Q3 of 2018 – up $749 million already from Q2. 2019 promises a

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Impacting Insurance Technology

You would be hard pressed to find an industry in the world that technology has not impacted and the insurance industry is no exception. In fact, technology has completely reshaped insurance and given rise to what is now known as InsurTech. Time is money and using technology to improve efficiency

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Big Insurance Trends for Big Data

In the insurance industry, big data analysis is how companies gain insights into every facet of their operation. From consumer behavior to the ROI of marketing campaigns, insurers want to be able to leverage the information to turn big data into actionable and revenue generating steps. Being ahead of the

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Latest Emerging Technologies Impacting Insurance

Technological advancement has caused ripples in various industries and the insurance sector is one of them. Insuretech is a revolution that cannot be ignored as it promises to change the operations of the insurance industry. So, do you know what insuretech is? Insuretech simply refers to the various technologies that

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