Penguin.Tech Provides Value Through ACORD Standards

The insurance sector is on the cusp of a digital revolution that will redefine how it operates.

By integrating Penguin.Tech’s advanced digital technologies and ACORD Standards, with leading core insurance platforms, like Duck Creek Technologies, we can help reshape the way the industry operates and find more efficient and effective ways for our clients to add value for their customers.

By adopting ACORD internally in an organization, we can implement streamlined communications specifications as the common language to heavily reduce infrastructure maintenance efforts which, in turn, saves on costs and labor. We also know that diverse infrastructures in a multi-vendor landscape can make individual pieces of software work complicated and burdensome. However, by leveraging the ACORD standards, Penguin.Tech creates a unified specification for communications throughout an organization’s infrastructure.

For long-term success, insurers need business-first, end-to-end cloud-based insurance software. Penguin.Tech knows that these solutions must be supported by services and accelerators that let them focus on building new, creative products and getting them to market fast.

Whether you utilize the complete Duck Creek Suite or other individual insurance software components, we will ensure you’ll get the reliability, security and support you need to innovate faster and more efficiently.

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