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Penguin.Tech Provides Value Through ACORD Standards

The insurance sector is on the cusp of a digital revolution that will redefine how it operates. By integrating Penguin.Tech’s advanced digital technologies and ACORD Standards, with leading core insurance platforms, like Duck Creek Technologies, we can help reshape the way the industry operates and find more efficient and effective ways for

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Insurance Execs Concerned About the Impact of InsurTech Implementation

A new report issued by Accenture indicates that the intersection of insurance and technology has increasingly been on the radar for executives across the United States. How InsurTech has, and will be implemented, and what lasting impacts it will have on the insurance industry is a major concern among these executives. In fact, according

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The ACORD Model Reinforces Consistency in APIs

A lot of vendors and carriers do use the ACORD data model, but loosely. ACORD specifications do allow for flexibility and customization, which can create interpretive methods and result in a half-baked implementation of an ineffective data model. Penguin.Tech strives against this practice to strictly follow the ACORD standards to avoid unnecessary and

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Monolithic Upgrade Possibilities with Microservices

Many insurance software applications, such as property and casualty (P&C) insurance applications, are built as monolithic applications, and this has led to several performance challenges in the past. A prominent risk with monolithic applications is that a failure in one part of the application usually impacts the entire software application. Also, the different

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