Penguin.Tech Executes Proven Agile Implementations

Penguin.Tech’s API Kayak transforms projects using an agile approach to implementation and a cloud-based microservices infrastructure.

Our intuitively developed regression suite will enable early and regular releases, ensuring efficient workflows.

At Penguin.Tech, we execute Agile implementations for our API Kayak. Agile is essentially a set of values and principles recorded in a namesake manifesto, which advanced ideas that were developed to counter the more convoluted methods that pervaded the software development world despite being notoriously inefficient and counterproductive. This integrated process incorporates Penguin.Tech UI and your Duck Creek installation and allows for future API work using ACORD-based messaging.

API Kayak’s foundation was developed specifically with the ACORD model in mind. This foundational structure ensures standardization across business units in companies that can find themselves struggling from lack of consistency between the myriad of vendors and technologies. The ACORD model provides a standard communication flow for Penguin.Tech clients that seek relief from some of the pain and burden of dealing with inconsistencies in the other vendor systems.

Promoting similar values to Lean, Agile methods mostly focus on the following key principles:

  • Satisfying customers is of foremost importance
  • Develop projects with inspired contributors
  • Interactions are best when done in person
  • Software that works is a measure of progress
  • Reflect and adapt on an ongoing basis

Additionally, the four core values of Agile are as follows:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

Agile implementations can give companies an edge or even enable their survival in crowded markets. Over the past two decades, the Agile methodology has been used to transform development processes across multiple industries, including InsurTech, with companies utilizing the technique to ramp up their products’ success rates, decrease their time to market and enhance the motivation and productivity of their teams.

Latest insights also show an increase in the partnership alliances with smaller, more nimble and agile InsurTech firms, like Penguin.Tech, to help compress the timelines for operational change.

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