Betterview and Duck Creek Integration: Insurtech AI with an Impact

Betterview is the market-leading Property Intelligence platform for empowering insurers to deliver a next-generation experience to underwriters, agents, and insureds, while increasing underwriting efficiency and profitability. Their team developed revolutionary software and services to capture, organize, and analyze data for buildings and properties to unlock valuable insight. Betterview helps insurance providers use aerial imagery to virtually assess any property and make well-informed decisions about policy details and premiums. With just a few clicks, the property can be scored and potential issues can be flagged for review. What used to be a manual and imperfect process is now automated, saving insurance providers countless man hours and expenses associated with property inspection.

While this technology is a game changer for the P&C insurance industry, if it isn’t simple for providers to use, it likely won’t be adopted as quickly or widely as it should be. Betterview realized that for their solution to have the greatest impact, it needed to work seamlessly with Duck Creek, one of the insurance industry’s leading software solutions for claims and policies. They needed to find a partner to help them achieve the integration needed to increase adoption industry-wide.

The Solution

Penguin Tech specializes in helping technology companies like Betterview integrate their product into Duck Creek. Our team of experts brings over 75 years of combined experience working with Duck Creek. It’s our one and only focus, which means we understand the platform at a level other general software integration companies can’t match.

We created a solution that, with the click of a button, integrates Betterview functionality into the Duck Creek user experience. Insurers now have a holistic, actionable view of real property risk, allowing them to lower expenses, prevent losses, and build a better custom experience, all within Duck Creek. Combining Betterview’s artificial intelligence, scoring, and flagging with Duck Creek’s automated underwriting and rules engine now enables insurers to write or renew policies with confidence. And properties that do not raise underwriting concerns can have discounts automatically applied, with no touch required.

The Results

Now that the integration is complete, Betterview’s solutions are available to a whole new audience of insurers. Both Duck Creek and Betterview are able to offer a more impactful product to insurance carriers. It will lead to more sales opportunities, and a higher adoption rate of the Betterview technology among existing customers as well. Because the integration simplifies the use of Betterview for insurance carriers, the carriers will be more likely to use the solution and make it a part of their policy writing and review process for all properties they insure.

Latest insights also show an increase in the partnership alliances with smaller, more nimble and agile InsurTech firms, like Penguin.Tech, to help compress the timelines for operational change.

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