6 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Duck Creek

If your organization uses the Duck Creek platform to manage policies and/or claims, there are a variety of capabilities at your fingertips you may not yet be aware of. Penguin Tech is a leading integration partner working to bring the latest insurtech advancements to Duck Creek users directly in the platform. In this article, we will detail six specific actions you can take in the Duck Creek platform, thanks to integrations our team has enabled on behalf of our partners and the Duck Creek ecosystem.

#1: Initiate Medical Canvas Requests

INTERTEL is the leading medical canvassing company used by law firms, investigators, and (you guessed it) insurance companies. Their medical canvassing service is one of the few ways for insurance carriers to uncover and verify medical treatment information for a claim. Insurers can access treatment date information, including admit & discharge, prescription fill, and imaging date. Their services pair nicely with claims indexing and subject statements about prior medical treatment. But it didn’t always pair well with Duck Creek.

Penguin Tech’s INTERTEL Order Integration with Duck Creek Claims now enables insurers to securely initiate medical canvass request and eliminate the waste and risk of human data reentry with auto-population functionality. The integration also enables carriers to track all details related to a medical canvass and receive status updates and notifications until the medical canvass report is securely uploaded to Duck Creek Claims.

#2: Communicate with Policyholders via Text

The number of ways to communicate is vast and growing in this digital age. Text messaging has become the preferred method of communication for many people seeking to streamline the channels that require their attention. Recognizing that, Hi Marley developed a purpose-built SMS platform for the insurance industry to simplify and enhance the way carriers and policyholders communicate.

Hi Marley partnered with Penguin Tech to build an integration between their powerful communications platform and the Duck Creek system. The solution enables hassle-free texting across the entire Duck Creek ecosystem, empowering insurance professionals and delighting policyholders. This enterprise-level solution empowers insurance carriers to reinvent the customer and employee experience. The solution also ties conversations to claims, allowing users to quickly access and view customer communication related to a specific claim within Duck Creek.

#3: Simplify Fraud Investigation in the Claims Process

ISG provides claim and litigation support services using proprietary technology and a team of more than 1,200 employees who hold deep expertise in investigation management, medical and clinical management, and record management. They have developed a unified suite of insurance software designed to help insurance carriers order investigations, send referrals for medical and record management, access reports, and organize records. In fact, their solutions are used by 42 of the top 50 largest insurance carriers in the U.S.

Penguin Tech developed the ISG Order Anywhere Enabled Integration package to help users leverage the power of ISG without leaving the Duck Creek platform. This solution connected two independently powerful tools to reduce human error, save time, and create an exceptional user experience.

#4: Communicate with Customers Via Their Preferred Channel for Policies and Claims

Quadient Inspire is an award-winning and market-leading customer communications platform that integrates with existing core systems and allows insurance carriers to create, assemble, and deliver personalized, compliant, and highly complex customer communications across all channels, from one centralized hub.

Penguin Tech’s Anywhere Enabled Integration (AEI) for Quadient Inspire provides Duck Creek Policy users and Duck Creek Claims users to utilize enhanced omnichannel distribution capabilities by leveraging their CMX solutions. These include both customer experience orchestration and customer journey mapping. The AIE enables insurance business users to:

  • Send interactive and personal communications through a customer’s preferred channel
  • Migrate communications from existing disparate platforms into a centralized hub
  • Make content changes in a controlled environment to ensure compliance, without relying on IT
  • Gain quick access to, and retrieval of, to archived communications

#5: Inspect Property Conditions via Aerial Imagery

Betterview developed a suite of game-changing software and services to help insurance providers use aerial imagery to virtually assess any property and make well-informed decisions about policy details and premiums. Their solutions allow insurers to capture, organize, and analyze data for buildings and properties to unlock valuable insight. Betterview replaced a manual and imperfect process that cost insurance providers countless man hours and expenses associated with property inspections.

Penguin Tech partnered with Betterview to develop an integration to provide insurers with aerial imagery, computer vision detections, and predictive analytics to provide a holistic and actionable view of real property risk for commercial and residential properties within a Duck Creek policy. This empowers insurers to predict and prevent losses, increase inspections and underwriting efficiency, and build a better customer experience.

#6: Order Medical Records and Receive Results

Ontellus empowers insurance carriers to reduce costs and accelerate claims resolution by leveraging innovative technology and decades of experience. As a leading provider of records retrieval, medical canvassing, and claims management solutions, they offer a highly valuable solution to the insurance industry.

The Ontellus integration for Duck Creek, developed by Penguin Tech, enables insurers to order medical records and receive results directly within Duck Creek Claims. Adjusters can now securely initiate records requests without the need to retype claimant information, which saves time and reduces error. The integration also allows insurers to track all the details related to medical records, view status updates and notifications, and securely receive completed medical records, automatically uploaded to Duck Creek Claims.

Penguin Tech’s Eyes Are on the Horizon

This list is just a small sampling of some of the recent integrations we’ve enabled between the Duck Creek platform and the latest innovations in insurance technology. Of course, the only thing certain is change. The Insurtech world is vast and always evolving, and Penguin Tech remains on the front lines ensuring we’re aware and prepared to execute on all opportunities to make the connections that help the P&C insurance industry better serve customers. View some of our detailed success stories to learn more about the capabilities our Duck Creek-focused team of insurance and technology experts have made possible for the industry.

Latest insights also show an increase in the partnership alliances with smaller, more nimble and agile InsurTech firms, like Penguin.Tech, to help compress the timelines for operational change.

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