Penguin Tech Brings ISG to Duck Creek Partner Ecosystem

The Situation

ISG is a national market leader and tech-driven service provider that offers claim and litigation support services through proprietary technology and a team of more than 1,200 employees with deep expertise in Investigation Management, Medical and Clinical Management and Record Management.  Used by 42 of the top 50 largest insurance carriers in the US, ISG enables insurance carriers to increase productivity, efficiency and quality, while reducing claims expenses.

Duck Creek is a property and casualty insurance software platform designed to help P&C insurance carriers deploy and manage their products and services. Founded by insurance experts and built for the cloud, it serves as a single, unified suite of insurance software that delivers greater consistency and transparency to users.

While ISG’s tech platform and Duck Creek platforms are each incredibly powerful tools for the insurance industry, the lack of seamless integration between them made the claims adjusters’ jobs difficult, forcing them to manually enter all the required information into two systems. Time and associated errors were becoming a regular challenge inhibiting increased adoption of either of the two systems.

The Solution

Fortunately, ISG chose to partner with Penguin Tech, a leader in helping Insurtech companies integrate their product into Duck Creek. The sole focus of Penguin Tech is, and always has been, working with the Duck Creek platform. Our team brings a combined 75 years of experience with the Duck Creek platform to work for our clients. That level of focus and expertise means we possess a deep level of understanding with the Duck Creek platform that far exceeds that of general software integration companies, ensuring delivery of better solutions sooner than our competition.

We were able to develop a solution that turned the manual and burdensome process of claim fraud investigation into a smooth and seamless one, making the claims process much simpler for insurance carriers using Duck Creek, leveraging ISG platforms. Now, with a single click, users can automatically pull in records from the ISG system into Duck Creek. There’s no more opening and closing platforms or manual entry involved.

The Results

The ISG Order Anywhere Enabled Integration package enables carriers to easily order investigations, send referrals for medical and record management, access reports and organize records from a single location with Duck Creek Claims.

ISG’s solutions are now able to serve an entire audience of insurers with fast and seamless support. Both Duck Creek and ISG are now able to offer a more impactful product to insurance carriers. It will create new sales opportunities and increase the adoption for ISG’s technology among existing customers too. Simplifying the use of ISG for Duck Creek users reduces human error, saves time, and creates a better all-around user experience.

Latest insights also show an increase in the partnership alliances with smaller, more nimble and agile InsurTech firms, like Penguin.Tech, to help compress the timelines for operational change.

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