Multi.Penguin by Penguin.Tech dramatically speeds up the rating and quote processes for large Duck Creek policies!

If you have large insurance policies or rely on several external integrations, Multi.Penguin is the solution for you. Multi.Penguin makes each individual policy session thread-safe, allowing for concurrent calls to Duck Creek and other external systems. The result? Multi.Penguin speeds up the entire rules flow, including each individual process steps. With Multi.Penguin, your agents can process more quotes in less time; even large policies that previously took minutes to quote now come back in seconds!



As we like to say, just the facts, ma’am! And, with Tiny.Penguin, you get just that–key data streamlined and returned for faster integrations.

Duck Creek is a powerful tool in your infrastructure but with that complexity, it has a lot of moving, fully configurable parts that are heavy with metadata. Cutting through these data layers used to take time, but with Tiny.Penguin by Penguin.Tech, you can now streamline information in just a fraction of the time! Tiny.Penguin aggregates all the data (including metadata) and only returns the core information that’s needed to facilitate actions. So, whether you want to store key data, integrate with third-party tools, or build an automated test suite, Tiny.Penguin exposes only what you need to get what you need, fast.



Navigate the Infotech landscape with ease! API Kayak provides bi-directional ACORD support between Duck Creek and other software programs.

API Kayak adds bi-direction ACORD standard data into and out of Duck Creek. It standardizes the object definitions and relies heavily on the pre-defined elements of the ACORD v2.3 specification. Interoperate between Duck Creek and your third party systems with fluid speed while providing automated headless black-box quoting to your agents. API Kayak does not require you to make any changes to your existing Duck Creek Manuscripts so you benefit from improving your customer experience without disrupting legacy systems. With API Kayak, you can spend your time developing new products, not integrating your tools.



Penguin.Tech combines our deep Duck Creek experience with modern development platforms to deliver unprecedented custom software development services and solutions.

Just like a fine tuxedo, our clean lines and understated development elegance deliver simple yet refreshing products and refined solutions for our clients. We start with our deep knowledge of insurance and its industry-specific requirements, and mastery of the inner workings and configurations that belong to Duck Creek softwares to deliver you an end solution that will save you time and money! At Penguin.Tech, we apply modern day development tools (such as NodeJs, React and Angular) along with best practices and principles of software development, such as Separation of Concerns, Principle of Least Knowledge, and so on. And, we deliver solutions iteratively with an automated test-first approach. Whether you are an insurance carrier needing to enhance your infrastructure or a vendor needing a Duck Creek Accelerator, simple contact us to start a conversation on how we can support you on your next project.

The Penguin Tech team’s high levels of experience and skill throughout this integration brought our valuable property risk assessment tools to carriers, making it a game-changer in the insurance industry.
Armin Monajemi, VP Strategic Partnerships at Betterview
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