The ACORD Model Reinforces Consistency in APIs

A lot of vendors and carriers do use the ACORD data model, but loosely.

ACORD specifications do allow for flexibility and customization, which can create interpretive methods and result in a half-baked implementation of an ineffective data model. Penguin.Tech strives against this practice to strictly follow the ACORD standards to avoid unnecessary and costly customization.

API Kayak’s foundation was developed specifically with the ACORD model in mind. This foundational structure ensures standardization across business units in companies that can find themselves struggling from a lack of consistency between numerous vendors and technologies. The ACORD model provides a standard communications flow for Penguin.Tech clients that seek relief from some of the pain and burden of dealing with inconsistencies in the other vendor systems.

Penguin.Tech capitalizes on the benefit that by using ACORD as a data specification, we can ensure streamlined intercommunication between a myriad of carriers and software vendors.

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